On The Confederate Flag

Up front, let me be very clear. Slavery was and is wrong and always will be. And it is a sad commentary that this administration tends to coddle certain Islamic nations that, even today, encourage slavery, hold salve markets, and embrace slavery as part of their central culture.

Of late there is much discussion as to the Confederate Flag being a symbol of past slavery in this country and perceived current racism.

All those who hold this view are either totally ignorant of the facts, OR, they are using this issue to further the aims of the progressive element of our society to advance their Divide and Rule strategy against the American way of life and the American people.

Here are some facts to consider:

The Civil War (when the Confederate Flag came into being) started on 12 April, 1861.

President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation was issued on 1 January, 1863 - long after the Confederate Flag was already flying.

The Civil War ended on 2 June, 1865.

The 13th Amendment, freeing all slaves in this country was ratified on 6 December 1865.

Slavery existed in the South and in the North. Even after the Civil War ended slavery still existed in the North until the 13th Amendment. (see Did Abraham Lincoln Free The Slaves? for more on this.)

So, slavery also existed long after the Civil War ended and, therefore, AFTER the Confederate Flag ceased to fly.

No, the Civil War was fought mainly over the right of the States to determine their future except as that defined under our Constitution, Article 1, Section 8.

And, slavery was a case of economics overruling morality. Many in both the North and the South were against slavery as an evil enterprise. Only about 25% of people in the South owned slaves. Gen. R.E. Lee owned no slaves but Gen. U.S. Grant and his family did.

So how is it that the Confederate Flag is now the symbol of racism?

Anyone can identify a symbol to represent an issue whether facts support their view or not. And, this is such a case.

For example, I could identify the below symbol with racism and I would have facts supporting my position - many more facts than those with the ill-perceived notions of the Confederate Flag.

Why do I assert this? Because it was the Democratic Party who struggled against the 13th Amendment, who struggled to restrict blacks from voting, instituted the Jim Crow Laws, and encouraged/fought politically for segregation. Look it up! You will find I am correct. The Republican Party is the one that led the fight for the 13th Amendment and desegregation.

With such facts available to anyone who reads, why does the Confederate Flag persist among many as a symbol of racism?

Vladimir Lenin perhaps put it best: "A lie told often enough becomes the truth."

Or, should be the flag shown below represent racism in the US?

After all, it was the last American Flag to fly while slavery in this country still existed.

I thought not!!!!!