On The Fiduciary Control Of Presidential Vacations

Much is being made in the media about the "president" and his family's vacations. And, none of it too flattering.

The costs to the American taxpayer have been in the several millions of dollars. This does not seem a decent nor responsible manner in which the leader of our country to operate.

This overindulgence at taxpayer expense should - and easily could - be curtailed.

No, to, by law, dictate a number of vacations is not the way to go. It is and would be impossible to legislate "work ethic". And, the very definition of what constitutes a "vacation" is argumentative.

But, there is a way.

We can limit the amount of taxpayer funds available for vacation travel, to include trips for "fund raising", "speeches", and the like. If the president and/or the president's family wish to take vacation(s) beyond an established limit on costs, let the president or someone else pay for it - NOT the taxpayer.

All costs associated with such travel would be limited and monitored. This would include the applications of Secret Service personnel - their travel expenses, not their salaries AND the travel expenses, including fuel, for any vehicles used for such trips, and personnel assigned to operate such vehicles. All costs for the president's family travel for the single purpose of "vacationing" alone (i.e., without the president) would be forbidden from ANY taxpayer provided funds.

Simple? Yes. But, doable, reasonable and fiduciarily sound it is.