A Note or Two On Glenn Beck

I first became aware of Glenn Beck while he was on FOX. I was truly impressed by the political research he and his team accomplished. His efforts allowed watchers and listeners of his shows become way more informed than had they would have otherwise.

Some back then described Beck as "crazy" and many other unflattering descriptions. When I quizzed people on such statements I found that what they were really saying is that they disagreed with him. Nothing more!

Beck left FOX to start his own network, "The Blaze". He continued his excellent efforts. I even attended his Restoring Honor Rally held in Washington, DC on August 28, 2010. To me, that's when I first noticed a shift in his message. As time progressed this "shift" moved steadily, faster and faster.

Soon, every message and informational output of Beck's seemed to center on God. God was the answer to everything. If one prayed sufficiently, all things would be OK. He seemed to have forgotten the old adage, originating in Ancient Greece, "God helps those who help themselves."

And, there's another thing which maybe he never heard or learned.

Back in grade school a Roman Catholic Nun gave us this little gem on "praying":

"God ALWAYS answers your prayers. But, you need to know that most often the answer is 'NO!' "

Some of my earlier postings on things political used material Beck's and his team's research had uncovered. After his "shift" became, to me, dominant, the indepth aspect of his earlier offerings were lost. I ceased relying on Beck for the dept of information I needed.

And, I feel badly for Beck. He was such a great provider of information available nowhere else. His newly founded media companies are in financial trouble and he is losing his heretofore very large audience.

Hopefully he will, in time, recover from that which has afflicted him.