Bill Maher On Political Correctness

Bill Maher is a comedian. And, sometimes (and only sometimes) he can be quite humorus.

This is one of those times. And, even this short clip is but a small part of his "routine". The balance of the "routine" was politically offensive, to me anyway. Most often he presents a position that is misleading.

Below the video is an explanation.

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This can be caused by the following reasons:

Distorting facts for humor is as old as comedy. However, in today's world where a vast number of young people get their political news and opinions from the likes of Comedy Central's Jon Stewart and from Bill Maher, this is not a good thing.

At the end of the above clip Maher asserts that conservatives have guns and will kill you if they disagree with you. An overstatement, exaggeration and false, sure. Remember, "it's all for comedy".

But, consider:

All of the horrific mass shootings that have happened of late have had 2 distinct categories of perpetrators: 1) Radical Islamics, the Ft. Hood shooters. 2) All the other tragic shootings were by "progressive" leaning (e.g. Democrats), mentally ill persons, .

And, by the way, ALL of the mass shootings have occured in places designated "gun free zones" by our liberal, progressive brethren.

Think about it!