A Letter To The Islamic State

Dear Members of the Islamic State,

We, the majority of the American population, do not fully understand your stated desire to destroy our Nation and our people. The vast majority of Muslims who we know do not feel this way.

We are aware that your Quran speaks to actions against those you describe as "infidels". For examples: Quran (2:191-193), Quran (2:216), Quran (3:56), Quran (4:74), and at least 105 other examples.

But, accepting this understanding, we do not share, appreciate, nor condone your misguided ideology and reject your interpretation of your faith as one of hate and death to all those who do not believe as do you.

You may feel that this is the right time in history to advance your desire for world domination and to create a world-wide Caliphate. You may feel that this is plausible due in part to your belief that:

1. America's current administration, i.e., the president of the US, is weak and actually favors the Islamic position.

2. As our president is a weak commander-in-chief of our armed forces AND since World War II American fighting forces have been restricted from a full "fight to win and only to win", our military will not be a viable force against you.

3. The moral fiber of the American people has as its base the Judeo-Christian's Bible. Or, the foundation of our moral outlook as to what is right or wrong is centered on our 10 Commandments, one of which is "Thou Shalt Not Kill."

4. The American people are apathetic, are heavily focused on "gun control", and have no desire to disrupt their "comfort" in a cause against you.

We understand that the above might seem reasonable to you. But, you would be mistaken - in a very large way.

Our current president, indeed, may have a "soft spot" for your religion and your desires. I ask you to focus on the word "current". Our next president, I can assure you, will not have this same weakness nor any reluctance to eliminate you from the planet- wherever you live or operate.

Our military has sworn an oath (you know what an oath is I am certain) to defend our Constitution, our Nation, and the people of our great Country. This oath takes precedence over any order coming from any president to "stand down" or minimize response to threats to our Country. They will defend us with "extreme prejudice".

Yes, the American people, as a general rule, adhere to our Judeo-Christian roots - which means the 10 Commandments of our Bible, including the Commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Kill." But take no great comfort in this. Understand that the Commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Kill.", is a mistranslation from the original text which was in Hebrew and Aramaic. The correct translation of this Commandment is "Thou Shalt Not Murder." Therein lies a large difference.

Further, the term human comes from the definitions of biology. Specifically, modern humans (Homo sapiens or Homo sapiens sapiens) are the only extant members of the hominin clade. But, there is another meaning connoted by the term human. This later connotation has humanity or virtue toward mankind attached to it. In this regard your ideology, your actions, and your twisted beliefs do not fit - making you, at best, sub-human. The Commandment "Thou Shalt Not Murder." only applies to humans. Therefore, any lethal action taken against you in our defense, or in the defense of our allies, is not a violation of this Commandment. Factor this into your aspirations. Americans will feel no moral pain, regret, nor stigma at removing you from the gene pool.

Yes, the media portrays the American citizens as apathetic. And, in many ways the media is correct. But, do not confuse this with an unwillingness to act if felt truly threatened.

Consider, the population of the United States is roughly 318 million people of which some 117 million are adults. At a most conservative estimate some 75 million to 80 million of us are gun owners. Of this number some 14 million are hunters. Think about those statistics. Over 65 % of adults are armed and 14 million of us are fully capabale of killing for "sport". Add in the fact that there are some 21+ million military veterans and you have a staggering armed force willing and able to hunt you down and kill you and all those you love and hold dear.

If you wish to play your foolish religious wars against each other in your home lands, feel free to do so. We will not interfere. Act against us or against those we hold dear, and the wrath of the greatest military power known to man along with its people shall reign the fires of hell upon you and obliterate your kind from the historical record.


The People of America