Let This Not Be Our Future

World History

A Textbook For All - copyright 2214

Translated to English by Ma Rui Su

Excerpted from the section on 'The Rise and Fall Of The United States of America'

The United States of America (USA) was founded in 1776. The founding occurred as a result of a "Revolutionary War". This war was initiated by the colonies existing in North America belonging to the great world power of the day, Great Britian. King George III was the ruler of Great Britain (i.e., England). The main governing body in Great Britain was the British Parliament.

The full nature of the colonies' greviences is somewhat unclear. However, the major thrust was due to a piece of legislation called "The Stamp Act of 1765". This act, initiated by the British Parliament, imposed a direct tax specifically on the colonies of British America. It required that many printed materials in the colonies be produced on stamped paper produced in London. This included the paper currency used by the colonies.

The colonists had no voice or vote in the British Parliament. This led to the 'battle cry' of the day: "No taxation without representation." A subsequent war ensued by which the colonies won their independence. And, The United States of America was founded.

The USA flourished in growth both economically and power over the ensuing 200+ years. It became a world "Super Power" militarily and financially. When founded it instituted a constitution which lasted until its floundering in 2132. It guaranteed freedom for all and equal treatment under the law for all its citizens. A popular motto of that day was "The Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Brave". In fact, our own Chinese Constitution of 2097 was a direct modeling of the USA constitution.

The USA was involved in two major "World Wars" and numerous other conflicts. It was the major force behind the winning of World War I and World War II. After World War II the USA no longer "fought to win". Rather, it placed limitations on its fighting forces with no real plan for a successful conclusion. The "Korean Police Action", the "Vietnam War", and their so called "War on Terror" are examples.

But, like the Roman Empire, the USA succumbed to poor choices of internal policies and disappeared as a world power. These internal policies had as their roots an ideology called "Progressivism". At its central core, progressivism sought to instill control over the populace.

This ill-conceived ideology had its beginnings in the late 1890s and very slowly gained momentum throughout the 20th century. The progressives, as they were known, were largely responsible for the establishment of the USA's central bank, i.e., The Federal Reserve. This was NOT a government run organization but, rather, a composite organization of major banks. The USA gave over its entire monetary policy to this organization. As history has shown many times, this is a very destructive approach to governmental policy.

The progressives came into full bloom during the Obama administration in the early 21st century. It had exerted influence on past presidents but nothing like under Obama.

The progressives sought to placate its populace and, thus, to control the people by "letting the government take care of the people". The costs for running the government rose above the revenue it took in. As a result the debt escalated dramatically - see Figure 1.

A succession of presidents followed Obama. But, by then the financial damage was too large to overcome.

Eventually the banks and countries to which the USA owed their debt recalled the loans. The USA could not pay. It caused world wide financial disruption. Depression and hunger ensued across the globe. Finally, a consortium was created, the NWO (New World Order). The NWO took control of all government financial matters worldwide; in fact the NWO, due to its monetary prowess, in effect controls governments throughout the globe even today.