Vladimir Putin - Intro

Vladimir Putin

I recently watched a 1.5 hour documentary on Vladimir Putin, President of Russia. The link to this documentary is found below.

I strongly encourage its viewing.

While I in no way endorse or favor Putin's goals, tactics or methods, it is inarguable that he is a strong national leader.

To our country's embarrassment, this cartoon fairly well summarizes the results of much of my reading on the world's perception of Putin as compared to the current US president - both as men and as leaders.

For the documentary, CLICK HERE

Even if you don't have the time nor the interest to watch the entire documentary, be certain to watch the 1 minute video clip below.

During a conference on the centuries-long conflict, often armed, between the Russian government and various Chechen nationalist and primarily radical Islamist forces, Putin is questioned by a French reporter (in English). Putin's reply is in Russian with English subtitles. Putin's answer gives a clue as to the degree of control he perceives (validly) he "owns".

What is, perhaps, more illustrative is the reaction of the audience after his answer.

Be certain to fully read Putin's response.

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