It is my assessment that there are 3 major issues which must be solved by and for our Country.

They are:

   1. The Economy - including our soaring national debt

   2. Immigration - including broder security

   3. Radical Islamic Terrorism

Currently, our government has demonstrated neither the inclination, aptitude, courage, will, nor fortitude necessary to solve any major issue. While the below are conceptual in nature, they offer far more than the current administration.

Below are my conceptual solutions to the latter two:

(If one has ideas that are better than the below, please, don't keep them a secret. An old rule in management: If one doesn't like a concept, they are entitled to their opinion. But, without offering an alternate concept, that opinion is not actionable and, therefore, only mildly interesting, perhaps.)

Solutional Concepts:

Immigration and Border Security / Defense

Radical Islamic Terrorism