NYPD Turns Back On De Blasio

On 12.20.2014 a lone shooter "assassinated" two New York City policemen.

The shooter, after shooting and wounding his girlfriend earlier, posted on her Instagram account his intent to kill two NYPD officers in response to the Garner incident.

As an aside: It has been reported widely that Garner died as a result of a choke hold used by a member of the NYPD. In fact, Garner died as a result of a heart attack in the hospital following the incident on the street. No further comment is reasonable as the Grand Jury has yet to make its findings public.

In the below video Mayor De Blasio was making his way to issue a statement on the incident. Apparently, the New York policemen do not hold De Blasio in high regard.

The video is raw footage and clarity of what is happening is minimal. However, this picture shows, graphically, what is taking place:

Here is a picture of the shooter and his name:

That should be enough information on the shooter.

A word of caution to the "Mayor": If one wishes to be a "dictator", one must take care not to piss off your "republican guard". NOTE: In NO WAY do I intend to intimate that the NYPD is some 3rd world, pro-dictator military force. In fact the NYPD is the exact opposite. It was an analogy only.

The narrative continues below the video.

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This can be caused by the following reasons:

A question or two: Where are the riots, where is Al Sharpton and the rest of the "hate mongers" like him?

After all, in Ferguson, MO blacks rioted after a criminal black man attacked a white policeman and the black was killed in self defense by the policeman. Blacks burned and looted black businesses, shots were fired, traffic and businesses were disrupted - with some businesses damaged to the point they had to close. In addition, demonstrations were held across the country - some viloent, some not - against the police force(s).

So, in this subject incident policemen sitting in their car - just sitting there - were shot and killed by a black man. Why hasn't Tiffany's, Macy's, Bloomingdale's, FAO Schwarz, and Bergdorf Goodman been looted and burned? Where is the outrage? Where are the nation-wide demonstrations?

I think the answer should be clear. Aside for the obvious "intelligence" issue, this incident does not fit the narrative desired by the "hate mongers" like Sharpton and by the political leadership of this country - their protestations to the contrary.