"Operation Knights Templar"

The following is the description of a tactical operation, with ultimate strategic implications, to combat and eradicate radical Islamic terrorism across the globe - with the specific intent of making our Nation a safer place and, as a bi-product, making the entire globe a safer place.

Radical Islamic Terrorism is the single greatest violent threat facing the world today. It places at extreme risk all peoples and all cultures. Yes, there are millions and millions of Muslims who do not have violent intent on the world at large. However, many do. A adjective used by the media for these "peaceful" Muslims is "moderate". I reject that adjective. The word "moderate" means "average" or "middle of the road". One is either for peaceful coexistence with others or one is not. There is no "average" here. If one is not for total peaceful coexistence, then one is the enemy. Civilization, as we know it, demands this distinction.

For far too long this and prior administrations have played "Neville Chamberlain" with the radicals. The radicals do not want peaceful coexistence, they do not want to negotiate, they only want a world wide caliphate where Islam and Sharia Law rule. It is time to stop this foolishness and eradicate the "cancer".

Clearly, this offering is only at a high level of overview. A detailed version is much beyond that which can be described here.

The name of this tactical initiative, "Operation Knights Templar", comes from an historical event. Specifically, on Friday, 13 October 1307, hundreds of the Knights Templar were arrested in France, later tortured and killed - possibly giving rise to the supersition, even today, of Friday the 13th being "unlucky".

In 1306, Philip the Fair (i.e., King Philip IV of France) expelled the Jews from France and, in 1307, he annihilated the order of the Knights Templar. Philip was in debt to both groups and saw the Templars as a "state within the state".

In fact, the Knights Templar actually invented "banking" as we know it today. During the 13th and 14th centuries many made religious pilgrimages to the Holy Land. As carrying any reasonable sum of funds was very dangerous due to hijacking, robbing, etc., the Knights Templar set up a scheme where before leaving on your pilgrimage you "deposited" your funds with them, when you arrived in Jerusalem you could "withdraw" what funds you needed from the Knights Templar, and deposit whatever was left before returning home. For this service, a "fee" was charged by the Templars. In addition, the Templars provided military escort to their "depositors".

Banking, this is - pure and simple - with the added "friends with benefits" protection.

Over time the Templars became very, very wealthy, to the point where they were lending kingdoms funds sufficient for the applicable king/queen to operate his/her government.

The dominant view is that King Philip IV, who seized the Templar's treasury and broke up their monastic banking system, was jealous of the Templars' wealth and power, and frustrated by his enormous debt to them, sought to seize their financial resources for himself by bringing blatantly false charges against them at the Tours assembly in 1308.

Thus, the only way out for Philip was to initiate a "blitskrieg" attack against all the Templars at once. Beside being wealthy, the Templars were a mighty military force and not to be trifled with in any small way.

With that having been offered, on to the tactical operation proposed.



An Aside To Begin: With all military engagements I've seen since World War II, the question "What does it mean to be done?" never seems even to be asked - much less be answered. So, to start the description of "Operation Knights Templar" let me answer that question.

Successful completion means:

All funding sources for terrorism are virtually eliminated.

All active terrorists have virtually been eliminated - to be clear on this I mean dead.

All terrorist supporters, either monetarily or otherwise, are either incarcerated or dead.

All government sponsors of terrorism have been crippled and reduced to having their only goal in life being to survive.

All terrorist organizations eliminated.

All harboring institutions found to be supportive of terrorism disbanded and outlawed - this includes offending Mosques, "cultural centers", and the like.

The use of the term "tactical" for this operation can be considered incorrect due to the scope of its intent - "strategic" would be argued as a better term. However, the use of "tactical" is applied due to the fact that such a mission will not completely eradicate radical Islamic terrorism from the planet; it will strike at the heart and mind of any and all terrorist endeavors. The ability of terrorists to operate will be diminished to the point of "easy cleanup" after this operation's success.

The intelligence communities of our country have very detailed information on where terrorists in foreign lands operate, who and what governments are funding them, what Mosques and Islamic "cultural centers" in our own country encourage their followers to support terrorism, and what domestic organizations support a global Jihad either with funding, moral support, or both.

We can make use of this information - but only if we have the will to do so. It should be obvious that the current administration wishes to not engage with terrorism organizations, cultures, or sponsors. Whether through "political correctness", fear, ideologcial sympathy, or something else, I do not know. I do know I have no such reluctance. - hence my proposed "operation".

And, the threat of Radical Islamics is NOT just in some foreign land.

On the domestic side, below is a pictorial of publicized, major Islamic sympathizer organizations in the US. Many others, of course, are known as well as small "cells" - just not made public for good & obvious reasons.

Further, intel reports indicate that there are quite a few terrorist training camps operating inside our country right now. This picture identifies only a small number of them - others are known, of course, but are not made public.

Even worse, perhaps, is the influence the Muslim Brotherhood (outlawed in Egypt due to its terrorist intents/actions) has inside this administration and its operational sphere inside our nation.

The following people have been identified as islamic extremists working (or, have worked) within the current administration:

- Arif Alikhan, assistant secretary of Homeland Security for policy development;

- Mohammed Elibiary, a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council;

- Rashad Hussain, the U.S. special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference;

- Salam al-Marayati, co-founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC);

- Imam Mohamed Magid, president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA); and

- Eboo Patel, a member of President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships.

Additionally, the below graphic offers some degree of vision into the organizational aspect of the Muslim Brotherhood in the US today:

Even further, apparently even this month (Jan 2015) the Muslim Brotherhood continues its influences on this administration. Click Here For The Story. Even the current Egyptian government is aware of the undue influence of the Muslim Brotherhood seems to have on this administration. Click Here for this story. Meanwhile, not one single word of this (that I could find) was covered by the "progressive-leaning-major news outlets" (e.g., NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, etc.).

Here is the list (at the time of this offering) of international identified terrorist groups/organizations. We do know where they are centered and operate.

These international terrorist organizations, as well as those not mentioned above, operate training bases and operational centers throughout the world. To a large degree we know where they are.

Concept of Operation (CONOPS)


First, for this operation to be successful it, arguably, will be the single largest logistical operation conducted - EVER.

As will become obvious, this operation must be classified at the very highest level.

Second, the rules of engagement are unfettered. Unlike every battle/war we've fought since World War II, restrictions on military personnel will be virtually nonexistent. There will be no "do not fire unless fired upon" nonsense. There will be no "safe havens", no "taboos" against targets of necessity and/or of opportunity. A threat is a threat and shall be dealt with terminally.

Third, as this will be a war in the truest sense, there will be civilian casualties - hopefully a minimum. Unfortunately, terrorists tend to hide among innocents. This mission can not be successful if this fact is allowed to thwart success.

Fourth, planning and coordination will be required at a level heretofore not seen.

Fifth, resources necessary will include but not be limited to: military and police personnel, intel professionals, cyber experts, IT & Communication professionals, foreign governments' participation, local & state governments' involvement, long range bombers, attack aircraft, military level drones, satellites with real-time visual and communication capabilities, all the weaponry and ammunition deemed necessary, and certain classified satellite weapons systems. These now-classified systems will not be discussed in the planning and execution portions of this offering for obvious reasons.

Sixth, and of the highest importance, required will be the will and dedication to execute "Operation Knights Templar".


Planning for "Operation Knights Templar", of necessity, will be extensive and time consuming requiring the coordination of all parties to be involved. The Execution portion of this offering will offer a very strong "hint" at the content of the planning required. I have elected to detail the actions of this Operation under the Execution section; as, if this section on planning were done to fruition, the Execution portion will be a simple "do it".

The Planning phase will necessitate activities required for "set up" for the Execution phase. For example (and, only a small example), cyber attacks on funding sources for terrorist organizations will require ensuring that access to such sources could be accomplished immediately upon Execution.

A goodly part of the "set up" phase will be to enhance production of all resources, including weaponry and defensive armor for our troops, necessary to complete the mission.

Further, highly enhanced domestic production and storage of oil and food supplies will be necessary. Not only for our own country, but for those aiding nations whose own supplies may be disrupted by this mission.


Execution world wide will be simultaneous and initiated at 1400 hours GMT on a designated Friday (hence the Templar reference). Friday is the holy day for Muslims and offer the best opportunity for surprise and terrorist "unreadiness".

The below actions will also be effected in and by any/all foreign governments electing to join us in this operation. Any/all government(s) electing not to join us will suffer financial sanctions and the elimination of any/all foreign aid and support until long after Operation Knights Templar has successfully concluded. In addition, such non-participating government(s) will be informed that we or our mission partners will execute the mission inside their country(ies) if they will not. Should such a country resist in this, they will be deemed an enemy supporter and treated accordingly.

The simultaneous actions will include:

1. Disruption of communications

Having already pre-determined areas of attack, all cell phone, SAT phone, and internet connectivity will be disrupted in and around these areas with the exception of funding sources and, of course, Operation Knights Templar operational assets.

2. Elimination of Funding

Domestic accounts/holding of all governments known to be sponsors of terror will be frozen.

All known funding sources of terrorism will be "hacked" and all funds transferred to Operation Knights Templar accounts. As soon as funds have been transferred, item #1, above, will be effected for the funding sources as well.

This disruption of communications will be maintained until the operation is complete.

3. Domestic Operations in Every Country

All identified and actionable domestic Mosques, Islamic cultural centers, terror cells, known domiciles of actionable individuals, etc., will be raided by local SWAT teams, FBI/police quick response teams, etc. Confiscated will be all identifed "hostile" persons, either in the facilities or at their homes, and all documentation and computer files. Such persons will be incarcerated and all recovered information will be analyzed for subsequent action.

Resitance of a violent nature will be dealt with in a terminal fashion. Local demonstrations, if any, will be disbanded with force if necessary.

4. Terror Sponsoring Governments

Beside assets freeze, all shipments of good and services into and out of these countries will be blocked. All communications in/out of the capitals will be disrupted. Military bases will be crippled by air strikes. Drones will be used to surveil government leaders with active threats of missile attack. These actions will continue until ceasation of terrorist sponsoring actions can be determined.

The nation of Iran deserves special mention here. With its emerging nuclear capability combined with its heavy support to terror organizations, it must be neutralized in a most decisive manner. Therefore, all nuclear development, production facilities, and supporting logistical capabilities will be destroyed in total by repeated air strikes including massive "carpet bombing". All shipments of goods into and out of Iran will be terminated - and will remain so until it is ascertained that they no longer have weapons of mass destruction capabilities - or, intent.

5. Terror Training Camps

Bomber attacks using fuel air bombs will be effected on all such camps. No exceptions. Satellite confirmation will be used to identify any "stragglers" escaping the bombing raids. Drone strikes will "mop up" any stragglers.

6. Terrorist Occupied Geographical Areas

For areas of terrorist activities in areas such as Africa, Southeast Asia, Mexico, and the like, actions such as those described in #5, above, will be executed - although in an expanded version.

For the areas now occupied by ISIS (or ISIL or IS), a much larger effort is needed.

This area will be addressed by a combination of the "carpet bombing" used during the first Gulf war and the actions identified in #5, above.

I call this "CCoD" - Constricting Circles of Destruction . See the below graphic.

As with #5, above, drones would monitor the areas under attack for "stragglers" and remove them.

7. Protection of in-country assets

One final thing in this overview. The protection of mid-east oil fields during this operation is critical.

Attack aircraft will be utilized to monitor and protect oil fields. Assumed or actual attempts to destroy oil field assets will be dealt with by eradicating the threat(s). Drones will also be used as applicable and appropriate.


"Operation Knights Templar" is a most ambitious endeavor. The difficulties in logistics, both materially and politically, can not be easily dismissed.

The intent of this operation is to eradicate, or at least greatly marginalize, the world wide threat of terrorism.