Things Of Which To Be Concerned

Or, as Robby was want to say, "Danger, Will Robinson, danger."

For most of my 70+ years on this earth things political meant nothing. Democrats & Republicans; the terms meant pretty much the same as far as my life was concerned. Things rolled along pretty well no matter which party was "in control" for myself, for my family, and for almost everyone I knew.

Since the election of Obama (and even before for that matter) things seemed to change in a not-too-good direction rather asymptotically. And, less than statesman-like behavior sprang up like wild fire. The "sniping" by both conservatives and progressives became rampant.

The country seems polarized against itself to my view. So, I started looking into things political as never before in my lifetime. Lots of research "under the bridge", as it were. My conclusions? Most of what we see is merely drama to divert attention from the REAL threats to our way of life; the real issues lay somewhat hidden by the "drama" as I believe was/is the intent.


I must take a slight aside here to define some terms:

Conservative (i.e., "The Right")

A conservative, for the most part, feels that our Constitution should be followed as written. There are those who feel it should be a "living document". In part they are correct; in fact it IS a living document and may be changed via Article V of this same Constitution. But those of the "living document" leaning don't seem to want it changed. Rather, they feel it should be interpreted as the current mores shift over time. A slippery slope, this. Stability is the key to fairness and "equality under the law for all".

A true conservative feels that support should be given to those in need to enable those persons to rise above any such difficulties that may exist. The key here is "to enable the person", not "give to the person". Foremost, conservatives believe in personal responsibility.

Unfortunately, the conservative movement has had ascribed to it the precepts of fundamental Christianity. While the core precepts of Christianity are well and good, those opposed, via the media, have allowed the focus on conservatives to be on their religion vs. their views on things good for our country. And, conservatives let the media get away with it - to the detriment of the conservative agenda.

Liberal vs. Progressive (i.e., "The Left")

Many have used these two words interchangeably. In my mind they represent quite different concepts. A liberal is one who feels that the poor or otherwise disinfranchised should be afforded every opportunity to bring themselves above their current state - with help, as appropriate and warranted. But, such help should not be a legal burden upon others. That is, it would not be correct or fair to legally TAKE from one to provide for another. A liberal is all about a common sense application of support to those in need. As such, they are in the "conservative camp" on this one.

A progressive, on the other hand, has a different view and approach. A progressive belives that it is the government's job to redistribute well being and money so that all will end up on equal footing. If this sounds a lot like socialism, it is because it is exactly that. To wit, there has never been a successful socialist nation that has survived. Why? Because the old saying (falsely attributed to Margaret Thatcher, by the way) is true: "Socialism is fine until you run out of other people's money." In order for the progressive ideas to come into full bloom, absolute control over the people is required - legally and, if necessary, by force - and "force" can take many forms beyond physical force. The use of ridicule, restriction of belief practice, ostracism (Think: "Political Correctness"), treating one group or race of people as above the law with respect to others, and the like are all forms of "force". These can be subtle at first but gain strength as lack of opposition permits.


The country is divided into 2 camps. One, those who support the Obama adminstration's policies including Obama's political allies - the Democratic party, the media, the unions, and the like. The other, those that view the US Constitution as "The Law Of The Land", view individual freedom as paramont to our way of life, and who don't believe it is government's job to dictate every aspect of our lives - Think: what kinds of light bulbs we use, how much the water pressure in our homes should be, freedom of the practice of religion, governmental bias toward certain races of peoples, etc.

Supporters of the former camp seem to base their convictions on hope, optimism for a better America, and a belief that a true "equality" for all people should exist (not just equal opportunity, but true equality) - Think: "redistribution of wealth", the fact that 50% of our people pay NO income tax, 92,000,000 people are NOT in the work force, and that 1/3 of our people are on some form of government assistance. Supporters of the latter camp seem to base their convictions on common sense and facts - common sense on what really fiduciarily and practically can be done and evidenced facts.

For just some opinions and facts of which I write, Click Here and Click Here.

All of the above, as I mentioned, is merely drama to promote the main agenda - CONTROL! - control of our country and our everyday lives in a manner which is not appealing. I believe there are 2 main thrusts toward this aim: Financial & Cultural.

As an introduction summary of sorts, the Financial concerns are the BIG issue. The Cultural issues, as bad they will seem, are part of the "drama" made to cloud the BIG issue. Remember, CONTROL is the ultimate goal. Once one has a populace that is "dumbed down" and saddled with a multitude of laws and rules thet they are fearful of violating, they will not be properly attuned to issues Financial.


The financial concerns I have appear to be political party independent AND political ideologically independent. The issues summarized below have been in progress for a LONG time - across many differing administrations.

First, let's look as some of what some historical figures of our nation had to say on the matter.

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies . . . If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] . . . will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered . . . The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs." - Thomas Jefferson

"In the general course of human nature, A power over a manís subsistence amounts to a power over his will." - Alexander Hamilton

"The real truth of the matter is that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government since the days of Andrew Jackson." - Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933)

"Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government purposes are beneficent...The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in the insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning, but without understanding." - Justice Louis Brandeis (1928)

"A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away" - Barry Goldwater

There are 2 offerings here. The first is a documentary on the Federal Reserve.

The FED - An Overview

The second offering is a look at how "our" money is being used (or is it "abused"?) - to our long-term detriment. This has world-wide implications.


As a summary on the FINANCIAL control worry, a quote from the Wizard of Id on "The Golden Rule" may suffice:

"He who has the gold makes the rules!"


The cultural aspects of my concern center around 3 things - Education, Values, and Our Way of Life.


As to education, of late the government is advocating and, in many cases, forcing a thing called "Common Core" on our school systems. At its heart Common Core is about standardization - making it such that all children across our nation have an "equal" footing.

However, the old adage "If you get 'em when they're young, you've got 'em forever!" seems very much in play here.

While standardization, if done appropriately, can be a good thing, Common Core is really about educating our children with historical inaccuracies and limiting teachers in their ability to put into context what they teach.

Think I am exaggerating? Click Here! If left unabated, the results may wind up with the USA looking much like that portrayed in the movie "Idiocracy" (2006).


What are the core values of our great nation? For simplicity I'll use the things Superman fights for: "Truth, Justice, and the American Way". The "American Way" will be discussed in the next section. So, for now I'll stick with Truth and Justice.

- Truth:

One expects of our political leaders the truth - especially our president. Yes, it is understood that in some cases it is necessary to withhold certain things for national security, as an example. But, in the main, trust is the key here. If we can't trust our president, then we have a significant problem. The media via the airwaves is equally responsible for providing truth and facts - unfettered by political swayings.

Apparently, both of the above turn out to be "not in their game plan".

Let's start off with the issue of 'Global Warming', or as they like to call it now, 'Climate Change'. They had to change the name because the 'Warming' label was shown to be inaccurate - many times. Why would a government spread worry about such an issue? To better the planet? To engender financial gain? To foster fear? To promote control over the people? The answers are: No!, Yes!, Yes! and Yes! One only needs to read Michael Crichton's 'State of Fear' to see what is going on with this one.

Next, the president - one would expect more from a person in his position - Click Here to see what I mean. And, on related issue, Click Here and Click Here.

As for the media upon which many rely to become better informed, the situation is pretty much a travesty - Click Here and Click Here and Click Here.

And, it's not just the media. Take a look at the corporations who have jumped "on the progressive bandwagon" - Changing Facts To Suit Your Story.

- Justice:

Eric Holder has stated that his office does not make prosecution decisions on race. Apparently, this seems not to be the case. Many incidents have occured where the "atmospherics" make it appear as though race had an impact. Or, "equal protection under the law" seems to be applied based on race.

White-on-Black crime is vilified and prosecuted vigorously (look at the Zimmerman issue). Black-on-Black crime seems to be treated as though it doesn't happen (look at the crime stats for Chicago). Black-on-White crime is ignorded totally (see the "Knockout" game incidents).

The following links point to the fact that "justice for all" does not live within this administration.










Our Way Of Life:

The American Way of Life may be characterized many ways. Total freedom to practice the religion of your choice, the equality of the chance for success based on your abilities, equal protection under the law specified by our Constitution for all, and many other aspects one could mention.

This way of life stemmed from the origination of our nation by those fleeing oppression, perceived or real. A unified set of laws was established to obviate such oppression from cropping up in the future. (For those held in slavery at the beginning and for the Native Americans, they "may" not have felt the "goodness" at first.)

Peoples immigrated here from all parts of the world. They came here legally and willingly "signed up" to obey the "laws of the land" - it was their new home. The new citizens "paid their dues", as it were. They were us! As they "melted" into the rest of society our diversity widened ultimately bringing us to where we are today.

Now, the American Way of Life is being threatened on multiple fronts. Our borders are porous to illegal immigrants. Many come here seeking work. This is understandable - but still illegal. They arrive here wishing not to "meld in" but to maintain their "home culture(s)". Not a good thing, this. More, our porous borders are open to terrorists who wish to obviate our way of life and our very existence. And, many of our politicians are seemingly supportive of this "invasion". The more people at the lower end of prosperity, the greater control the government can employ. Not too hard to figure out, really.

Moreover, there is another aspect to the not-so-nice allowing immigrants here who do not wish to adopt our culture and laws. Click Here to get a glimpse of what's coming. Ask Europe how it's working out for them.


The atmospherics of the culture issue are so pervasive these days they fill the airwaves with story after story of our liberites being threatened, the Constitution being obviated by presidential edict, and racial disharmony widening. We are missing the crucial element.

This country is currently $17 TRILLION in debt - and that debt is climbing at an alarming rate. People like to blame Obama. Yes, his administration has increased the national debt by 70% since he took office. Where is this money we don't have going? To enlarge the federal government. Do we need a larger federal government? Click Here for a look. However, the national debt has been increasing since before Carter was in office. Click Here for a look on this one. Also, can we ever pay off this debt? Not one administration has REALLY tried to tackle this issue. Even Bill Clinton, who had a "balanced budget", increased the national debt.

At some point, as the song goes, "Somethings got to give." Then what? And, it's not just the USA who will be in trouble - it's the entire planet. Look to see who gains from a global financial meltdown. They are the ones "pulling the strings".

Or, maybe this quote will make the point a little more clear:

"The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes"

- Benjamin Dislaeu (1844)