How Obama Is Handling The Government "Shutdown" Of 2013

Much is being made of the government shutdown in the media. The stories range from "catastrophic" to "it's really just a 'slimdown' ". Both views seem to be somewhat accurate depending on one's personal perspective.

First, who is really to blame? Well, simply put, it is the president and his "groupies", the democrats in the Senate. The republicans have been consistent in wishing to negotiate budget issues with both the president and the democrats. Neither the president nor the democrats are willing to even talk about it with the republicans. This is NOT how to get things done.

All of the decisions on what is to be truly shut down and what is to remain open fall under the authority of the president. This is spelled out in the "Anti-Deficiency Act"; Click Here for more on this Act.

All of this is over "obamacare". First, I know of no one who wants to see ANYBODY without health care coverage. But, . . .obamacare is not the answer. My reasons are below. On to the shutdown stuff -

The republicans were more than willing to fund EVERYTHING within the government EXCEPT for "obamacare". This is Carney trying to explain why the president won't "negotiate". The president is acting like a petulant child: 'Do what I want or I won't play!'.

Why not "obamacare"? The reasons are many. For just a few:

a) The projected costs for implementing "obamacare" have risen from its original estimate of $900 billion over 10 years to today's estimate of $2.6 TRILLION over the same period. Nancy Pelosi was correct when she said, "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it." Well now it's passed and we have a clearer picture of what's in it - for sure. Please remember, our current national debt is equal to 34% of ALL THE MONEY THAT IS IN CIRCULATION IN THE WORLD! We need to incur no additional debt, I feel. To fund "obamacare" will take lots of additional debt. As great as our Nation is, it can not afford "obamacare"!

To get just a small sampling of how efficient our government is at running anything, take a look at the internet web sites the government built to implement obamacare. The news is repleat with stories of how it crashed (still is not up fully) upon it's first use. The real message is that for something that doesn't work we, the taxpayers, spent almost $100,000,000 to implement it.

Click Here to see the status of the obamacare program on 10.10.2013.

b) The impact on employment because of this bill is devastating. Obamacare requires firms with 50 or more full-time employees to offer them affordable health insurance or pay a fine of $2,000-3,000 per worker per year. Stories abound of employers scaling back their work forces to be under the "50" as well as scaling back workers' hours so that previously full time people are now part time workers.

c) Not only will "obamacare" weaken our work force, it will drastically decrease the amount of tax dollars coming into the government (i.e., fewer workers / fewer work hours = less pay = less taxes being paid).

d) Doctors are leaving the medical field due to what they term the "overly restrictive regulations" of "obamacare". Click Here to see a story on this; and, check this story out; and, hospitals are reducing staff when just the opposite should be expected.

e) Health care premiums are skyrocketing due to "obamacare". Here's an example and here is another example. Many are seeing their premiums go up by as much as 300%.

The fact that NOT EVERYONE is to be subjected to obamacare is all the more troubling. The president has exempted for 1 year business from the law but not the American people at large. If that isn't bad enough, take a look at just SOME of the organizations that have been granted "waivers" to obamacare by the president.

Having looked at the situation from the "100,000 feet view" the 'slimdown' assessment seems the more applicable.

Consider: 83% of government remains open. That's not exactly a "shutdown" from any perspective. Also, If 800,000 government employees have been deemed "non-essential", then why do "we" need the 800,000 to work at any time? I mean "essential" DOES have a definition. And, it's not just me who has considered this. Click Here for a related article.

Even more appalling is that the president appears to be selecting issues for "shutdown" that maximize "pain" on the ordinary citizen. A Park Ranger commented on this perception: Weve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. Its disgusting..

Harking back to the Park Ranger's comment, here are but a few of the "shutdown" directions that seem frivolous, having no real cost savings, and seemingly intent on making "life as difficult for people as we can."

Putting people at risk medically for no apparent reason. And, Cancer treatment shut down but NPR gets $445,000,000.

Along with

Republicans wanting to fix the NIH issue.

One ought to "love" this one. In answering a question on shutting down the NIH, Harry Reid's response is, without a doubt, the most disturbing response to any question I've heard: Click Here for the short exchange between Reid and a reporter.

Many of the below actions are actually COSTING dollars that weren't being spent prior to the shutdown!!!

WW II Memorial shut down.

Government withholds death benefits from families of fallen soldiers.

Military Catholic priests face arrest for celebrating Mass.

Seniors visiting Yellowstone treated like prisoners.

Florida Keys guides shut down.

Footbal games not being 'streamed" to soldiers overseas.

D-Day Memorial shut down.

Privately owned Mt. Vernon shut down.

Privately run parks shut down.

Self-Sustaining Farm shut down.

Vietnam Memorial shut down.

Hotel shut down.

AMBER Alerts shut down.

(NOTE: Due to the public's outrage over this the Amber site now is back up.)

BUT, michelle obama's site remained up while the AMBER Alerts site was down.

Property owners kicked off their property.

Mount Rushmore closed - visible but not open. And, another story on the same closure.

But, let's focus on what's REALLY important.