The Russians Are Coming?

There has been a rumor going around with reference to a signed agreement between the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Russia. The agreement (supposedly) calls for Russian troups (i.e., 15,000 of them to be exact) to operate with the troups of the DHS in time of emergency within Zone 3 (i.e., Zone III) of FEMA's map of the USA.

As a somewhat humorous aside, I would caution the DHS on any planned "joint operations" within Zones IV & VI.

An article discusses attempts to debunk the rumor. It sites's take on this rumor as part of the debunking justification. It is widely believed (and with good reason) that is liberal/progressive in its leanings. Assuming that to be the case, and I do, one should be wary of for anything relating to this administration. For things apolitical it seems fairly reliable. Below the main referenced article I have included a "take" on and its potential bias.

For the article discussing the debunking of Russians operating on US soil, Click Here.

For the "take" on, Click Here.