The US Budget vs. The US Debt Ceiling vs. The Affordable Health Care Act

As has been widely analyzed, discussed & reported the Affordable Health Care Act (obamacare), is causing tens of thousands to lose their current health care coverage, is triple the original estimate of cost, raising the cost of health care premiums by anywhere from 50% to 300%, and even having people's working hours and, thus, income reduced. See Forbes' report on this.

The House Republicans, the majority, have passed a budget that continues all levels of government at current spending levels BUT defunds obamacare. The president had a few words to say about all of this.

Watch the video clips and then continue reading below.

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OK, to recap somewhat, here are some of his quotes and "points":

"The debate that's going on in Congress is not meeting the test of helping middle class families. They're not focused on you."

"This is usually done with a simple, routine vote to raise what's called the debt ceiling. If you don't raise the debt ceiling America can't pay its bills."

"And I want to work with Democrats and Republicans to do just that (i.e. pass what he calls a "sensible" budget."

He calls including The Affordable Care Act in the budget being part of a "sensible" budget.

He claims that defunding obamacare has nothing to do with the budget or the national debt.

And, he claims that the Republicans are willing to shut down the government unless obamacare is defunded.

Observations & Opinions:

Such utter nonsense and falsehoods! He continues his mantra of lies, half-truths, and misrepresentations as though no one knows he is not being truthful.

His assertion that obamacare has nothing to do with the debt ceiling is ludicrous. Anything that adds to our expenses beyond what we take in will require more borrowing. Obamacare is NOT in our current expenses (already beyond what we take in). So, by definition, obamacare will increase our national debt.

Raising the debt ceiling allows the increase of our debt. His assertion that the "norm" of raising the debt ceiling is the only way to "pay our bills" is just plain, well, stupid! Anything in a budget that causes one to borrow money is not fiduciarily sound. Yes, the country has been operating that way - that doesn't make it a sound practice. So, to add even more to our debt is adding fuel to the fire.

Consider: The national debt was $10 trillion when he took office. It, now, is just under $17 trillion. This president has increased our indebtedness by 70% in just 4.5 years. OUTSTANDING!

The budget put forth by the House will NOT cause a shutdown of government. And, the president well knows this. Obama can elect to shut down the government by not signing the budget. But, it is not the budget, per se, that could cause a shutdown! It would be Obama.

EVERYTHING the government needs to operate as it has this year is in there - just not obamacare, which is an increase that we can not afford.

And, as shown in the last segment of the above video, this president clearly doesn't want to "negotiate" with anyone who differs from his intent on things financial (i.e., debt or debt ceiling).

As far as the middle class goes, obamacare is a disaster to them financially. Many will lose their current health care, be cut back to part time work so that the employer can avoid the impacts of obamacare, and, under this president, have seen their net worth and take home pay decrease. So, who is against the middle class? It doesn't seem to be the Republicans.