'Audacity' Correctly Defined

The president's recent visit to Mexico (05.03.2013) to drum up support for his immigration reform and gun control agendas was "interesting". And, as to why he needs to promote his agendas in a foreign country, I can only speculate.

The below, short video (17 seconds) contains a couple of clips from his speech there. The clips are NOT out of context - like what you'll see presented by MSNBC when they try and support his agenda. If you find the last statement to be unfair, overstated, or just not true, Click Here.

Watch the very short video. Then, scroll down for my comments.

Note: if you use Internet Explorer and have a problem viewing the video, click here.

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The obama administration, arguably, is the largest illegal gun trafficker Mexico has ever seen. His adminstration's "Fast and Furious" operation, Click Here for Details, is the most outragious activity imaginable. So, based on his own statements, is he going to turn himself in to the police for prosecution - or, is a warrant needed?

The president put out a successful book:

Perhaps he should pen another book - in my opinion more attuned to his operating style: