Obama Quotes Alinsky

During obama's first (and only) visit to Israel while as president, he refused to visit and speak at Israel's Knesset (The legislative branch of the Israeli government). Instead, he elected to give a speech at a University to a group of students. What did the Knesset think about the rejection? Click Here to see.

During this speech obama offered "words of wisdom" straight from Saul Alinsky. Alinsky is (in)famous for his "Rules For Radicals" - a tome on community organizing. Obama, it is widely believed, has taken much of his strategies from Alinsky. To view a list of Alinsky's "Rules", Click Here and see if you can discern many of obama's actions being described.

While I find nothing basically or intrinsically wrong with the specific quote shown below, when placed in the context of the larger strategies from Alinsky it becomes rather foreboding.

Below is the clip of the pertinent part of obama's speech and the citation from Alinsky.

Note: if you use Internet Explorer and have a problem viewing the video, click here.

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