John Kerry - China - Our Missile Defense

Much of the news during this Spring has dealt with North Korea's threats to launch a missile. North Korea insists that it has nuclear capabilities - whether true or not, opinions vary.

Such bravado has instilled severe concern in Japan and South Korea - to name just two. In a move to try and diffuse the situation, John Kerry, our Secretary of State, visited China to elicit their help.

Subsequent to Kerry's visit, North Korea apparently has postponed the test firing of their missile. Why? Keep reading.

China is North Korea's only ally; more importantly, many feel that China, to a large degree, controls North Korea. North Korea is like the crazy uncle China keeps in the basement only letting him out when China wants to scare people.

So, Kerry travels to China in an attempt to diffuse the North Korean situation. What does he offer China? He offers to lessen our missile defense infrastructure in the area (Click Here for the Boston Globe article on this.), thus weakening our defensive position in the area. Or, exactly what China wants!

This is but another example of this administration negotiating from a position of deference and weakness. We need only to ask: "What would Harry Truman do (re: August 1945)?"

P A T H E T I C !!!