Deal Lets Iran Keep Half of 98%-Enriched Uranium Stockpile

by William Bigelow 25 Nov 2013

Editorial note: Think the deal with Iran is good for the US? Check this out - then read the article.

And, while we're at it, why not ask Neville Chamberlain how his similar approach worked out with Hitler at the Munich Conference?


If you don’t believe that Iran is close to assembling a nuclear bomb because of the agreement reached by Barack Obama's administration, think again.

The agreement allows Iran to keep half of the uranium it has already enriched to 20%, and the other half is to be diluted to 5% U-235. As Powerline reports, “It takes about 8 days and only 2% of the total effort to go from the 20% HEU permitted to the 90% required for weapons grade and only 45 days and 10% of the cumulative effort from the 5% level of HEU.”

The reason for this is simple; most of the time required to make highly enriched uranium comes in the early stages. 90% of the effort is expended to reach the 5% level, 98% to reach the 20% level.

An American Enterprise Institute report states:

The work and time required to enrich uranium from its natural concentration (0.7%) to 3.5% low-enriched uranium (LEU) is an order of magnitude greater than that required to enrich 20% LEU to weapons-grade concentrations (90% U-235). That is because centrifuges must spin more than 14,000 kg of uranium ore to produce 1,373 kg of 3.5% LEU, but only 116 kg of 20% LEU to produce 15 kg of weapons-grade uranium.