Sen. Harkin (D-Iowa) on Conservatives

In the below video (1.75 minutes) the "distinguished gentleman" from Iowa (and I use the 2 terms VERY loosely) tries to expound on conservatives.

He is incorrect in almost everything he says. This may be due to an onset of senility, not being in possession of facts, or not being aware of the oath he took as a senator, or who knows what else.

Watch the video and, then, see my comments:

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Harkin mentions that conservatives want to "infuse the government with their minority views". Further, he adds that conservatives are a small group "that have a certain (rigid) ideology on how our country should work."

This "certain ideology" is most often called adhereing to The United States Constitution. Harkin took an oath as a senator to uphold the Constitution. So, by his statements, is he going back on his oath, had no idea what he was swearing to do, or just has never read the Constitution?

On his comment re: conservatives being a "small group", i.e., a "minority", I believe he is confusing, first of all, the Senate as being the entire country. Yes, right now the Senate has a majority of liberals/progressives to conservatives (54 to 46 to be exact). Not too "small" a minority, I might suggest.

Further, at this point in time, the House has a majority of conservatives - Republicans, for short, although this is not an absolute correlation (233 conservatives to 200 progressives with 2 vacant seats).

On the American people - Conservative or Liberal/Progressive:

From Gallup -

The size of ideological groups varies slightly depending on the poll. Gallup/USA Today polling in June 2010 revealed that 42% of those surveyed identify as conservative, 35% as moderate, while 20% identify as liberal. In another polling in June 2010, 40% of American voters identify themselves as conservatives, 36% as moderates and 22% as liberals, with a strong majority of both liberals and conservatives describing themselves as closer to the center than to the extremes.

An update from Gallup in 2013:

The "gentleman" is in need of some severe "help", I feel!

On his parting statement, I know of no one looking to seceed from the United States. I do know of many, many who wish this administration would seceed from government.