Glenn Beck on Cyprus & Other Stuff

For those who know Beck only by what they have heard, Beck and obama have something in common. They are both like Starbucks coffee; half the people love it and half the people hate it.

Like Beck or not, he has a great research team - OR had... (2016 update) This is a piece from his organization before he went all 'God is the only answer and if you pray enough it'll all be OK' kind of thing. During this time frame his efforts were outstanding - no longer, I'm afraid.

I have done "look ups" on many of Beck's "facts". I have found no errors - none. His "predictions", also, are pretty darned accurate. For example, when the "Arab Spring" occurred he predicted that the Muslim Brotherhood was behind it and was seeking to gain control over Egypt. At the time, obama, his administration, the media, and even a friend of ours in Egypt were adament about that not being the case. Well, I think we all know how it turned out.

The below excerpt from his 5:00pm show of yesterday (03.25.2013) discusses the financial strife in Cyprus plus other stuff - and, it's worth the watch.

In the video below Beck makes a few references where the context might not be known:

He makes reference to a green energy guy with Communist ties. He is referring to Van Jones. Obama appointed him as the "Green Energy Czar". Obama had to "let him go" after it became public knowledge that Jones, indeed, had an active history with the Communist party.

Another reference made is to a guy who died in a bathtub. This was Boris Berezovsky, a sworn political enemy of Putin of Russia.

And, if you are not familiar with Bill Ayers you should look him up. Beck refers to him as a "domestic terrorist". He, in fact, was. Again, look him up.

Finally, there is a reference to "The Project". This is a decades old document revealing a top-secret plan developed by the oldest radical Islamist organization. You can find out about "The Project" by Clicking Here.

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