Dianne Feinstein On Gun Control

The below video is an excerpt from a US Senate "get together" discussing Dianne Feinstein's proposed bill on gun control.

Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Feinstein trade comments. At the end of the video Sen. Dick Durbin adds his "2 cents".

Watch the video. My comments are below the video screen.

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First, Feinstein makes the following statement: "I'm not a 6th grader." True; but were it that she had progressed that far - intellectually not academically.

Next, she spoke about "imploding bullets". I've never seen a bullet "implode"; have you?

Finally, she makes the statement, "I'm reasonably educated." She must not be aware of one of my quotes: "Education does not make you smart. Education helps you become informed; what you do with that information is what makes you smart - or NOT!"

Then, at the end, there's Durbin. His "contribution" was severely more disturbing than that of Feinstein. He demonstrated his "vast" knowledge by stating words to the effect the the "Rights" found in the "The Bill of Rights" (i.e., first 10 Amendments to our Constitution) are not "absolute". I'm not certain what he meant by "absolute", but "The Bill of Rights" are our legal rights. Otherwise they would have been called "The Bill of Maybes".