On The Claim The YouTube Video Caused The Benghazi Incident

Now we all know that original claim is and was untrue.

But, is there more to it? And, I'm not only talking about the widely held view that gun running to Syria via Turkey was involved - although this, I believe, was the primary "root cause" of it all.

This, I surmise, has to do with a "tactical" plan that went awry. And, yes, this is a conspiracy theory; but, it makes sense - true or not.


Intel was readily available prior to the attack on Benghazi that a terrorist attack on the consulate was very likely and was expected very soon.

The president had been VERY adamant on his position that "he" had defeated Al-Qaeda and that terrorism was in retreat. The administration could ill afford public attention to any proof that terrorism was alive - there was an election coming up, after all. And, it could not afford any unwanted attention to a facility being used to run guns - running guns is illegal and is against treaties we have with other nations, e.g., Russia. Not to mention that due to the recent "Fast & Furious" gun running to Mexico scandal, another such activity would be very damaging politically to the president.

Therefore, if one is expecting an attack that will damage a political campaign AND potentially uncover an illegal gun running operation, what does one do? One tries to hide the whole thing. But, how does one do that? One creates a cover story, of course.

The peoples of Lybia, Egypt, and many terrorist organizations, including Al-Qaeda, are all mostly Muslim.

A large demonstration was held in Egypt the day before the attack on Benghazi. The demonstration was blamed on the infamous YouTube video - a terribly done effort if ever I saw one, by the way.

Prior to this demonstration, only a couple hundred views of this video had been recorded - WORLD WIDE. The likelyhood that it had been seen anywhere in the Middle East is small - at best.


Now, I need a cover story for what is about to occur in Benghazi. And, by chance, I have seen the YouTube video - very offensive to Muslims I believe. But, no one has really seen it.

So, I use my contact(s) in Egypt. I provide them with the info and link to the video, tell them I want it publicised QUICKLY, and that they should round up a protest by Muslims to be a very large, public happening, ASAP. Combine this with the issue of the "Blind Sheik" (see 1993 World Trade Center bombing) and the intended protest in Egypt is more easily arranged.

My Egyptian contact(s) do as asked. Muslims, indeed as planned, take offense at the video. A demonstration is held and it makes world wide news.

The next day the attack on Benghazi takes place. As the Lybian people are mostly Muslim, the tie between Egypt and the Benghazi attack is easily made.

Now, I have a plausible cover story for actions in Benghazi. It wasn't really terrorists, it had nothing to do with gun running, it had only to do with a continuation of the demonstration in Egypt resulting from the offensive video.


Unfortunately, people died in the attack - which attracted MAJOR ATTENTION. Had there only been damage to buildings and such, the damage could have been blamed on an overly active demonstration - END OF STORY!

But, it didn't happen that way.

When the attack was initiated, why would a "stand down" order to help our people there be envoked? Doing so would be an admission that, indeed, it was a terrorist action - contrary to the "story line" of terrorism is dead. Evidence of gun running would surface. Therefore, no support was provided.

But, people died and the lies of Benghazi are now starting to unfold even by the media outlets so "in bed" with this president.

And people thought the cover up on Watergate was bad. At least no one died during Watergate.


Much is likely to be revealed as the ongoing Congressional hearings on Benghazi proceed. But, will these hearings uncover:

- Possible gun running to Syrain rebels - now being led by a US-born member of the Muslim Brotherhood combined with obama's ties to the Muslim brotherhood (Click Here for details).

- Of the three contractors killed in the Benghazi, where really were two of them prior to defending the site?

- Who actually was responsible for changing the "facts" to meet the administration's agenda prior to earlier media reports re: the YouTube video?

- How many troops were actually at the facility who were told to "stand down" when the attack occurred?

- And, a whole lot more!!

In this video (I have not verified the accuracy of this) even more questions arise - Click Here