Everything You Didn't Want To Know About 'Common Core'

The governmental program 'Common Core' is broadly defined thusly:

"The Common Core State Standards Initiative is an education initiative in the United States that details what K-12 students should know in English and math at the end of each grade. The initiative is sponsored by the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and seeks to establish conformity in education standards across the states."

This sounds both somewhat innocuous and perhaps a good thing. It is far from either.

As we have seen with obamacare, any time the government tries to "help" us with something we don't need nor have asked for, the results may be fairly well predicted. Failure! And, I'm not just addressing the obamacare "web site". That was a case of severe management inexperience and incompetence combined with giving a NO-BID contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars to "friends" for an effort that should have cost a few million dollars at the most. The word "graft" comes to mind. What is worse is that when the government issues a "rule", a piece of our freedom is erased. Obamacare, to date, has over 35,000 pages of "rules". Think about it.

Common Core is far more insidious than obamacare - FAR MORE. It was forced upon the states via threats of withholding federal education funds for non-acceptance. Worse, it is aimed at the very future of our nation - our children. Due to its "funding for success" criteria corruption and abuse have blossomed. Just check for the story(ies) of the Atlanta school system both changing scores and teaching the actual questions to its students.

Initially, to offer proof that Common Core was necessary, the government administered "tests" to numerous students across the country. The test scores did not turn out well. Thus, Common Core was necessary, so they said. However, the subject matter on the tests had not been taught to any of the students by any school system. And, many answers deemed correct were in stark contrast to historical fact. BS at its best!

Common Core seeks to obtain a "standardization" of education results across all. While this may sound just dandy, it all depends on what the "standard" is. If such a "standard" results in the rewriting our country's history in our children's eyes, aiming at the "lowest common denominator", and promoting a particular political agenda, then I submit this is both wrong and dangerous.

There is a wealth of information available on Common Core. Some of it is provided below. But, for a just a glimpse of the "subtle" ways this agenda driven program is getting its message across, take a look at the 2 pictures below:

This is what our kids are "learning" under Common Core. Sounds a lot like propaganda and indoctrination to me; very much like the "education" offered to the Deutsches Jungvolk.

As you peruse the information below you will find many more "subtle" instantiations of the progressive, anti-American agenda being promoted by the current administration.

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