A Modern Horror Story - And A True One

Today I was fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on one's point of view) to catch an episode on NPR that was, at the same time:

a) Very troubling,

b) Scary,

c) Sad,


d) Something that caused great anger to well up.

The 1 hour audio is available below. I would suggest everyone take the time to listen.

It provides an insight into the trials of but one Chicago High School, the children who attend, the neighborhood in which it resides, and the culture of fear its surronds provide.

Most of us have read about neighborhoods such as this. But, this audio brings such alive - and, you don't want to live there or anywhere near there; much less have your children be subjected to the "normal", daily lives that the kids of Harper High School must endure.

After listening it will be easy to consider, "Why don't the parents just move?". These families are trapped where they sit. They are trapped by decades of ignorance, poverty, and a culture run mad.

Well then, what is the solution? Maybe you know but I don't. The issues are many, complex and intermingled and have been allowed to fester for far too long. And, this is but one example of that which palgues many an inter-city environment - not just Chicago.

Listen now (or download the *.mp3 file and listen later) and thank God you live somewhere else.

Click here to Download & Listen