The Progressives "Worship Idols"

The progressives' "stooge brigade" (a.k.a. the 'occupy movement') has been at it again.

No, this is not another expose' of continued violence, rape, and deficating on police cars by the occupy movement. This one seems to have been very peaceful.

This time it was 'Occupy Portland'. In an extremely inaccurate portrayal of ancient peoples' dance and dress, they seem to be simulating the worship of a bull (assumed to represent Wall Street).

It looks a lot like the Bible story of the "golden calf". You know, when Moses was on TDY to get the 10 Comandments (Exodus 32:4). Upon Moses' return from his TDY he found the Israelites had reverted to idol worship; i.e., the golden calf. Bull worship was common in many cultures; specifically In Egypt from where the Hebrews had recently come.

Watch all of the short video. It is less than one minute long.

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