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On this week's 'Face The Nation' Bob Schieffer interviewed Darrell Issa on the developing "cover up" story on the Benghazi attack of last September 2012. This is the first time (that I am aware of) that an obama-favored network, and there are many, has actually reported on the attack in words other than those supporting the president's narrative; i.e., the attack was solely the result of a YouTube video.

For those who paid attention, the fact that the Benghazi attack was a terrorist attack and NOT a demonstration was well known. To see my post on this shortly after the attack, Click Here.

Schieffer, just as the segment ends, states: "Why were the talking points changed?" He is refering to the fact that what was put out by the administration for weeks after the attack was a total fabrication based on reactions to the YouTube video.

Watch the interview and scroll down for my theory as to the answer - yes, a conspiracy theory.

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My Theory - follow the logic here:


It is well established that obama will lie, repeatedly, to further his political advancement and political goals. Click Here and Here for examples.

Shortly after the president took office he stated that the war on terror was over - Click Here for the story.

August 6, 2009: White House Adviser on Homeland Security and Counterterrorism John Brennan makes a speech where he declared that the United States is not engaged in a “War on Terrorism”, and that the USA is not in a “Global War” against “Jihadists.” For the video, Click Here.

At the time of the Benghazi attack the president was well into his bid for a second term. He could ill afford a "distraction" such as a terrorist attack by Al-Qaeda. After all, he had maintained that Al-Qaeda had been defeated and were in retreat, organizationally.

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