Now, ABC News Starts Reporting The Truth On Benghazi

In light of the May 8th Congressional hearnings on the Benghazi incident, even parts of the main stream media, this time ABC, are reporting what most of us knew from the day after the attack on Benghazi. CBS started the ball rolling last week. For that report, Click Here.

Let's see if the others start reporting the truth as well; e.g., NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and all the other progressive news outlets, bloggers, etc.

Well here's one, the BBC: Click Here. Let's hope this trend continues.

If we remember 'Watergate', it is reasonable to ask: When will the country take up the cry for "Impeachment and Resignation"? Lies to the American people were what brought Nixon down re: 'Watergate' and lies to the American people are what obama did after the Benghazi attack. At least nobody died during 'Watergate'.

Alternative content

To see just some of the doctored "Talking Points" referred to in the above video, Click Here.

Actually, if the news outlets were truly honest in their reporting, I believe THIS would be an accurate assessment of the president and his administration.