The Race For Virginia's Governor - 2013

My poor Virginia. Little do they know what havoc they have reigned upon the Commonwealth.

McAuliffe won the governor's race legally - but sleazily. The democrats' strategy to get McAuliffe elected was oh so typical. They outspent the Republican candidate by $15M - that isn't the sleazy part.

Ken Cuccinelli was heavily outspent in Virginia by Terry McAuliffe and Democratic outside groups like Planned Parenthood, NextGen Climate Action and Independence USA PAC, an anti-gun group funded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

To make matters worse for Cuccinelli the Republican party, also, is to blame for his loss. The Republican Governors Association spent about $8 million on the race, but stopped running television ads weeks before the election. At the time, they pumped $1.7 million into a cakewalk of a governor's race in New Jersey -- precious money that would have boosted Cuccinelli down the stretch. The Republican National Committee spent $3 million in Virginia, $6 million less than it did in 2009. This is further evidence that the leadership of the Republican party is NOT on the side of upholding the US Constitution - rather, they have partaken of the "progressive's Kool-Aid".

Further, the fact that a libertarian was on the ballot didn't help - both the republican and the Libertarian garnered 53% of the vote to the Democrat's 48%.

Why is this important? A top money "bundler" for obama is the one responsible for the Libertarian running - Click Here for the story. Clever strategy that - splitting the vote so the Democrat could win. Sleazy; but clever nonetheless.

McAuliffe's win wasn't all due to democrats' dirty tricks and lack of party support. Cuccinelli, himself, is also to blame. The votes of women largely were responsible for McAuliffe's win. Cuccinelli's views on abortion didn't help him in the least. My advice to him would have been: "One's personal beliefs and moral persuasions are fine; but, it is not government's job to legislate one's beliefs; government's job is to uphold the law."

Why do I say "poor Virginia"? Let's look at who McAuliffe really is.

The Governor's race in Virginia was between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Ken Cuccinelli. Obama (as well as both Clintons) campaigned for McAuliffe who currently is under investigation by the SEC; but, is that a conflict of interest on the part of obama? Click Here for an opinion.

Now, some interesting info on McAuliffe:

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Now, Ken Cuccinelli is not without distractors either. He, apparently, has a history of anti-gay and anti-abortion leanings:


But, would I rather vote for someone who is a proven liar, con man and who preys on the poor and needy OR a person who stands for what they believe - even though I don't personally agree with some of their positions?

Take a guess!