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Where Are The ETs?

Science Catching Up With The Movies

Our Atmosphere

A New Technology - A Warning.

Video of Earth's Northern Hemisphere (opposite of USA) from a Russian geo-sync satellite at 121 megapixel resolution.

The Last Flight of the Shuttle Discovery - 04.17.2012

A Short Introduction To Fibanocci Numbers And The Golden Ratio

A Presentation By Carl Sagan on "The Blue Dot" (i.e., Earth) And Our Relationship To The Universe

NASA's Video of a Sun's Flare - 04.17.2012

Our Relative Size in the Universe

Planetary Tales - Great Views

World's Record Skydive - Higest & Fastest - 10.14.2012

The launch of SpaceX from Cape Canaveral, FL - 1st commercial space vehicle headed for the International Space Station (ISS) AND the docking of SpaceX's capsule, DRAGON, with the ISS

The Landing of the Military's X37B mini-space plane (06.16.2012)

New Technology from DARPA - Some of the best use of tax dollars I've seen

Video of Venus Moving across the Sun (from NOAA) - 06.05.2012 (One has to wait until the year 2117 for the next such view).

Video of Saturn with its rings taken with the telescope that my son, Rich, gave me a few years back

A View of the Earth As Seen from the International Space Station

What is Dark Matter & Dark Energy

The Last Space Shuttle Flight

A Tornado on the Surface of the Sun

A look at some interesting space shots

Use of LIDAR Finds Lost City