Two WWII Stories - One True, One a TV Show

The TV show 'NCIS' is a particular favorite of mine. More often than not a "backstory" runs through it's main plots. Hold that thought for a minute.

Back in 2013 CNN ran a true story about 2 WWII pilots - one American and one a NAZI. The American lived through the war due to the courageous and gentlemanly act of the NAZI pilot. They became friends long after the war ended. If you wish to read their story, Click Here and then come back to continue.

One of the NCIS episodes, 'Better Angels', had a backstory with basically the same story. Agent Gibbs' father was saved during WWII by a Nazi pilot. It was entirely too close a match to the true story, above, to be a coincidence - I think.

To watch the NCIS episode, Click Here.